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105% after 24 Hours!

After your deposit we send you 105% back after 24 hours.

Deposit now!


No Registration

We make use of a very simple concept that does not require of any signup.

Cancellation Token

After deposit every user get a cancellation token. With this token you can request an instant payout of your deposit. In that case you get not Profit on your Deposit. This work only 23 and 1/2 hours after Deposit!

Automated Payments

All payments are automatically processed by our automated system.


Do not worry about anything, we are DDoS protected by Cloudflare and SSL secured by Let's Encrypt.

Mobile ready

This Site is ready for mobile and should work on all devices. Just try it out.

Long-term project

This is a long-term project. Not like all this other sites that just want to scam their investors.


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Note: Transactions added after 2 confirmations.


You understand that investing in CryptoCloud involves risk. You declare that investments made despite this warning were made with your own liability. You understand that no earnings and principal returns are guarenteed. It's strongly adviced to avoid high yield investment programs to prevent losses of real money.

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